La Plata Rail Days 2022

I had a great time at my second La Plata Rail Days! Not only is it a great event for train and railroading enthusiasts like me, but it's also a wonderful chance to meet up with the awesome people who comprise the online Virtual Railfan community. I'm a YouTube live-chat moderator for VRF, so it's awesome to meet in real life the people who I've "spoken to" on the screen.

The event is a benefit for the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation, which is based in La Plata and built the Railroad Overlook and is developing Overlook Park into a railfan destination. To support these efforts and for more info about past, present and future Rail Days, please visit


I've posted my videos on YouTube in several playlists based on location. Some are from the La Plata area itself (the Amtrak station platform and the APRHF Lookout), some are from our fruitful 2-hour visit to "Ye Olde Wooden Bridge" west of Gibbs, Missouri, and there are some from our very lucky day-trip on Sunday June 26th to Fort Madison and Keokuk, Iowa.


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