The Progpower Festivals

Last Revised September 20, 2006

Greetings! Progpower has evolved as the best progressive- and power-metal festival in the world, and since 1999, when the first one was held in Holland, through 2001, when two festivals were held in America, and up through 2005, when ProgPower USA VI became yet another highly successful event, the events have grown in professional stature, quality of bands and numbers of attendees. I've been lucky enough now to attend seven of these events, first in Holland back in 1999, and then again here in the U.S., in February and November of 2001 (Progpower USA 1.0 and 2.0, respectively) again in November of 2002 for Progpower USA III, in September 2003 for ProgPower USA IV, in September 2004 for PPUSA V and September 2005 for PPUSA VI.

For Progpower USA 2.0, the first in Atlanta, I was honored to help Glenn book the now-comfortable confines of Earthlink Live as the venue, with the help of my roommate Tim Hurd, who knows everyone in town and who helped make the connection.
In 2002 I co-sponsored the mighty Devin Townsend to perform, and in 2003 I co-sponsored a now-legendary performance from Finland's Nightwish -- their first-ever performance in the United States.
In 2004 I was sole sponsor for Sweden's Pain of Salvation, and in 2005 I was sole sponsor for yet another Swedish band, Therion, who came over for their first-ever North American tour and have become the surprise runaway hit of PPUSA VI. They booked their tour around the ProgPower date as a pivot, so in a sense, I greatly helped Therion make their first appearance on these shores.
In 2006 I co-sponsored Denmark's excellent band Mercenary for a much-anticipated exclusive return engagement after three years away, and they delivered one of the crunchiest, most powerful performances in ProgPower history!
Who knows what the future will bring?.....but thanks to Glenn's vision and his hardworking crew, we are guaranteed quality performances at a great venue, amongst friends who share a love of brilliantly executed metal that's a bit off the mainstream path, but all the more precious because of that.

ProgPower USA VII (September 2006)

Due to Glenn's quite-reasonable restrictions on digital cameras with video capabilities, it was time to haul out "Old Reliable," my trusty Kodak DC210+ whose first assignment was ProgPower 1999! Now, 8,000 photos later, I'm really glad I didn't sell it to my mom for $50. :)
I also got some Quicktime video from the pre-pre-party on Wednesday night using my newer camera.
Click here for an index to photos and video! Per the marquee at Center Stage Atlanta (formerly Earthlink Live), it really is a 4-day event!

ProgPower USA VI (September 2005)

New camera with some new abilities, including Quicktime video, so click here for an index page to all pics and vids. What an awesome four days!

ProgPower USA V (September 2004)

Here are my pics from the performances:
Although dampened by Hurricane Ivan's remnants, once again ProgPower USA was a resounding success! It really is the Gathering of the Tribes for so many fans from across the country and around the world!

ProgPower USA IV (September, 2003)

Here are my pics and write-ups for ProgPower USA IV: What a GREAT weekend, yet again! My thanks and respect to Glenn and his excellent crew for a splendid effort, and greets to my friends, new and old! --And a special farewell to Marc Brueland, whose journey off this mortal coil will not be taken without some great memories of Nightwish's performance. I am forever honored to have helped bring that dream to fruition, for Marc and for all who enjoyed Nightwish's first U.S. performance ever.

ProgPower USA III (November, 2002)

Here are my pics and write-up for ProgPower USA III: What a GREAT weekend! Thanks and respect to Glenn H. and his crack crew for a top-notch effort, and lotsa love to friends old and new! Much respect to Devin Townsend and his band, who I co-sponsored for the event -- Devin's a very cool guy indeed!

Progpower USA 2.0

Here are direct links to my Progpower USA 2.0 photos:
This was the first ProgPower held at Earthlink Live, and even though it didn't quite sell out, it built the stage for future success as word of the greatness of the venue spread across metaldom. It was also the first -- and so far, only -- U.S. peformance from Germany's excellent prog-metal band Superior, which was particularly special for me since I'm a longtime friend of their guitarist Bernd Basmer. Not to mention Spiral Architect's only show here ever, too. A great festival overall!

Progpower USA 1.0

Click here for my pics and write-up of this most-excellent show!

Progpower 1999 (Holland)

This was the very first Progpower Festival, held in Tilburg, The Netherlands, on November 14th, 1999. It was my first overseas trip ever, and it was worth every penny. :) Click here for my pics and write-up. This was one of the first events where I used my then-new Kodak DC210+ digital camera.