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Paul, Why Do You Use "Pellaz" As a Nickname?

"Pellaz" is a character in the Wraeththu trilogy by Storm Constantine. He begins Book 1 as a poor field-hand and ends it as Pellaz-har-aralis, Tigron of Immanion, benevolent and somewhat enigmatic leader of the slightly superhuman and more-than-slightly hermaphroditic and gender-warping Wraeththu. Fun stuff!

I've finished my exhaustive, definitive review of this trilogy except for the last book, which is tricky because it has lots of flashbacks. These are great books written in Storm's inimitable gothic style: tales of love and death and rebirth; hate, jealousy, and a neet twist on mutation and human sexuality that would-be vampires, goths, cross-dressers, gays and bisexuals often find fascinating. Just click here to have a peek.
I also summarized Storm's first visit to the States back in the summer of 1996 as a guest at Dragon*Con. Storm returned to the States in June for Dragon*Con 1997, and returned again to the US again for Dragon*Con in September 1998. She was unable to attend for several years thereafter, but returned with a vengeance in 2004 as a Guest of Honor, and as Director of the fledgling Gothic Journeys track!

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